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Sample Original: is a sublime web site that expedites learning in myriad ways. It helps with reading betterment, and it invites discourse on more topics.

Sample Output: is a sublime web site that expedites learning in myriad ways. It helps with reading betterment, and it invites discourse on more topics.

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Privacy Statement

(Updated 5/25/2018)

You can also read our Terms Of Use and how we protect children's privacy.

We take your privacy very seriously at, and we protect it with the following policies:

Information we collect. We collect your username, which can be your email address or an anonymous user name, and your password. We also collect information about what documents you rewordify, and what documents you share on the site.

Data privacy. is the sole controller and processor of all of your information. We have always kept, and will always keep, all of your information private. We have never told, and will never tell, anyone your personal information, including your email address or your username. (We cannot see or share your password as it is stored as a salted, stronly-encrypted hash.) We have never told, and will never tell, anyone what you do on the site. We have never given, and will never give, any of your personal information or your actions on the site to any third party. We do not display your username on documents you create. We display only a partial user name on the screen after you log in, to make it difficult for malicious people to tamper with your account.

Data integrity. All of your data is stored on highly secure geo-replicated Amazon database instances that have aggressive firewall policies, so it is extremely unlikely that your data will be lost or compromised. Our databases are backed up regularly in secure physical facilities, so it is highly likely we would be able to quickly recover your data in the event of an incident.

Data deletion. All of your data is retained indefinitely until you delete it. You can delete individual documents you have rewordified, or you can delete your account entirely. When you delete documents or your account, the information is immediately and permanently deleted from the site. See the help system for instructions on how to delete documents or delete your account.

Cookies. We securely store anonymous cookies on your computer. No personal information is stored in those cookies. We store the cookies to permit our site to operate, to permit you to securely log in, and to permit the site to work well for you. The cookies we store are only used by Nobody else can track you or does track you with our cookies.

What you rewordify. We never share the text which you rewordify with anyone. If you are logged in, everything you rewordify is stored under your "History" tab for your convenience. You may delete these entries at any time under the "History" tab of the "My Learning / My Documents" page. If you are not logged in, text that you rewordify is stored anonymously for a short time and then deleted. If you are logged in and you delete your account, everything you ever did on the site, including everything you typed, everything you rewordified, all of your learning sessions—everything—is instantly and permanently deleted from our servers.

No spam. If you register with your email address, we won't send you emails, unless we're responding to a message from you.

Strong encryption. We store your password using the most cryptographically secure method available, including a unique, cryptographically-secure salt for each password. If criminals breached our security measures and accessed our user database, it is extremely unlikely that they could discover your password.

Secure practices. Everything you do on the site is protected by the strongest TLS security measures available. It is extremely unlikely that anyone could impersonate you, discover your password, or monitor what you do on the site. In addition, we implement our own security measures to make it extremely difficult for a malicious user to access or tamper with your account.

Anonymous browsing data is collected. We use Google Analytics to collect anonymous information about what users do on our site, such as which pages they visit, what geographical area they're from, etc. We do this so we can improve our site. Nothing we collect is connected in any way with your account. It is impossible for us to connect our Google Analytics data with your particular account.

You can also read our Terms Of Use.