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Sample Original: is a sublime web site that expedites learning in myriad ways. It helps with reading betterment, and it invites discourse on more topics.

Sample Output: is a sublime web site that expedites learning in myriad ways. It helps with reading betterment, and it invites discourse on more topics.

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Earn Learning Points and Learning Stars!

You must be logged in while reading and learning for your Points and Learning Stars to save. If you're not logged in, Points and Learning Stars may disappear at any time.

Psst! Hey! Over here. Want to hear the secret, 3-step way to better reading?

  • Step 1: Read.
  • Step 2: Learn words.
  • Step 3: Return to step 1.

Because reading and learning words are so important, you'll earn points (and get stars) just for doing those things while you're here.

Learning Stars. You know you want them.

Oooh, look. It's OK to love them—even at your age.

Light blue. Worth 1 point.
Dark blue. Worth 5 points, or five .
Green. Worth 10 points, or two .
Gold. Worth 50 points, or five .
Purple. Worth 100 points, or two .
Red. Worth 500 points, or five .
Orange. Worth 1,000 points, or two .
Aqua. Worth 5,000 points, or five .

How to earn points and stars automatically gives you points and calculates stars for you as you read and learn words. You must be logged in if you want your points to save permanently.

You earn 1 point for every full minute you complete reading. Partial minutes don't count.
You earn 10 points for every word you learn in a Learning Session.

Example 1
You've been reading for 46 minutes and 50 seconds, and you've learned 6 words:

46 full minutes X 1 point per minute = 46 points.
6 words X 10 points = 60 points.
46 points + 60 points = 106 points =

Example 2
You've been on the site for a year; you've read for 11 hours and 12 minutes, and you've learned 206 words:

672 minutes X 1 point per minute = 672 points.
206 words X 10 points = 2060 points.
672 points + 2060 points = 2732 points = is a "no-shame zone"

You won't see the achievements of other people on the site, and you won't be compared to others. Read at your pace, and learn at your speed. Set goals for yourself and feel good when you meet and exceed them!

More information

In order to save points permanently, you need to log in or create a free account. Click Register Safely to create an account. It's safe, and can be anonymous if you want.

Unlogged-in points do not transfer to a new account! If you read and learn on this computer and accumulate points, and then you create an account, the points you earned do not transfer to your new account. New accounts always start with zero points. Reason: This prevents someone from unfairly adding your earned points onto their account if they would create an account on this computer.

If you use the site without logging in, your points may be lost at any time, and they'll be shared among everyone who uses this computer.